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FAQ: Wi-Fi Rentals

Pocket Wi-Fi Pick-ups & Returns


1. What are your opening hours and where is the counter located?

A: Pocket Wi-Fi pick-ups and returns are handled by our collaborative partner Go Travel, located at Shop 5, Aisle D, 7T044 Departure Hall, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport. Opening hours are 0700 - 2300 every day (including Sundays and public holidays).


2. What information is needed to pick up the Pocket Wi-Fi?

A: You have to present your e-receipt and phone number to a Go Travel staff member when picking up your Pocket Wi-Fi.


3. What if I want to extend my trip or just cannot return the Pocket Wi-Fi on the day specified in my order?

A: If your travel plans change, please contact Go Travel's support team at +852 6611 3039 for assistance.


4. The arrival time for my flight is after midnight. How do I return the Pocket Wi-Fi?

A: Our opening hours are 0700 - 2300 every day (including Sundays and public holidays). If the Pocket Wi-Fi is not returned before 23:00 on the due date, an extra day of rental fee will apply.


5. What if I lost my Pocket Wi-Fi during my trip?

A: If you fail to return your Pocket Wi-Fi, a penalty of HK$1,000 will be charged to your credit card. 


6. Can I have someone else pick up the Pocket Wi-Fi on my behalf?

A: Yes. Please make sure he/she can show your e-receipt for the Wi-Fi collection.


Rescheduling & Cancellations

1. What if I need to reschedule my booking?

A: No worries - please contact Go Travel's support team at +852 6611 3039 for assistance.


2. What if I need to cancel my booking?

A: No worries - please contact Go Travel's support team at +852 6611 3039 for assistance.


Ordering & Payment

1. What payment options do you provide?

A: We accept payment via Paypal, Visa or MasterCard.


2. Can I book more than one Pocket Wi-Fi at a time?

A: Yes, you can simply adjust the order quantity on our online platform.


Using Pocket Wi-Fi

1. How fast is 4G?

A: The actual speed will depend on your location, signal range, and other factors.


2. How do I connect to Wi-Fi with my mobile phone/laptop/tablet?

A: Your Pocket Wi-Fi has two SSIDs (wireless network names) for the security protocols WEP and WPA respectively, allowing you to connect with all kinds of Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The SSIDs and password are both labelled on the Pocket Wi-Fi. Simply enable Wi-Fi on your mobile device, search and select the SSID, and enter the password. Your mobile device should then be connected.


3. What is the Wi-Fi network range?

A: 5-10 meters. You should not have a hard time sharing the connection with your friends!


4. How is the Pocket Wi-Fi's battery life and how do I recharge it?

A: Your Pocket Wi-Fi comes with a fully-charged battery, which should last around 4-6 hours. We provide two charging cables, a universal  adaptor and a battery pack for you to charge the Pocket Wi-Fi.  


5. What is the Fair Usage Policy/daily data threshold?

A: With our Fair Usage Policy, if your daily data usage exceeds 500MB, the connection speed will be reduced to 3G/2G by the local carrier. You can continue using the network, and the data threshold will be reset to zero the next day.


6. What devices are supported?

A: Any device with Wi-Fi connectivity can be used with our Pocket Wi-Fis. 

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