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Simply When Future Fresh set (12 pcs with display case)

  • Brand: When
  • Product Code: SH_SWFFD
  • Availability: Sold Out

Simply When® is the new sheet mask line by When made for the Millennials and those who prefer lighter and easier-to-use skincare and maintain superior quality.


Simply When® uses Bemliese™, the ultra-soft, bio-degradable cotton linter sheet made by Asahi-Kasei of Japan, which is the best-proven material in the fabric sheet category. It also provides amazing hydration as the sheet can hold fluids 13 times more of its weight.


Simply When® uses high-quality essence formulated with gentle and lightweight ingredients to provide a refreshing and pleasant skincare experience. Each mask sheet is infused with high quality, paraben-free essence made of gentle herbal ingredients such as Calendula flower extract, Arnica Montana Flower extracts, Aloe Vera Leaf extract etc. So the effect is similar to an ON-THE-GO FACIAL TREATMENT or a MINI-SPA!


  • SMOOTH out flaky, patchy skin
    - Betaine Salicylate helps to gently exfoliate, soothes and moisturize skin
    - Honey extract helps to attract and retain moisture and smooth out dry, rough skin

How to use: 

Simply When® masks are easily applied for quick and relaxing enjoyment anywhere you go. This easy to apply face mask is ready for your skin at any given moment.

1 Begin with clean and dry skin, then open the pouch near the top.
2 Unfold the fabric sheet and align the openings for eyes, nose, mouth and apply to face.
3 Adjust for good fit and leave on for 10 to 20 minutes until the essence is well absorbed into skin.
4 Remove the mask and discard. Massage remaining essence into face and neck. No need to rinse.

* Extra Usage Tip: Put the unopened mask in the fridge a few minutes earlier to usage for extra freshness to your face

*Made in Korea

Simply When Future Fresh set (12 pcs with display case)
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