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The Brand



Traveling with a Personal Touch

Leisure travels have come a long way. Human beings have been on the go for a very long time. During the Neolithic period, the invention of the boat and the wheel allowed people to travel farther to gather food. Improvements in road building and modes of transport throughout the centuries promoted global commercial activities. Traveling for its own sake came with the rise of the leisure class in an affluent society. We now have the time and money to visit places for fun. We can all become regular travelers.


The convenience of modern day travel does not just allow us to have fun anywhere and anytime, it also enables us to experience the most amazing journey of all – the journey into our inner self. A tailor-made trip that provides us with an enriching cultural experience or allows us to embark on a spiritual quest in self-exploration will let us gain a better understanding of ourselves. This is the meaning behind the letter “A” in TPAGES’ logo: seeing the world from different angles and making each travel a unique and fulfilling experience. Follow your heart wherever you are.


Our mission is to promote and spread our concept through our products. Every TPAGES product is made with care and emphasizes on creativity, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our products do not just complement your trips. Our designs, colors and materials also reflect your style and make you stand out from the crowd.

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