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When Neck Mask (4 pcs)

  • Brand: When
  • Product Code: WH_NMB
  • Availability: Sold Out

Super-adhesive and hydrating bio-cellulose sheet mask soaked in serum with anti-aging and firming ingredients to help ward off fine lines and firm up the neck line.

Benefits: Anti-Wrinkle, Firming, Brightening


- All-natural bio-cellulose sheets made from coconuts, specially designed for lifting and supporting      the skin around the neck area.

- The sheet is soaked in serum with anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients to promote skin          elasticity and firmness:

- Colloidal platinum to energize the skin for smooth, radiant skin
-  Pearl powder rich in minerals and amino acids to promote healthy and youthful looking skin
-  Enzymatic collagen to help firm up sagging skin
   Contains pearl powder and niacinamide for brightening skin tone


How to use:

1 Open the pouch, unfold the mask, then remove the plastic film and protective paper on both         sides of the mask sheet.
2 Apply the gel-like bio-cellulose sheet in the middle on to clean and dry neck. Adjust and smooth out the mask sheet for good dermal contact. Relax and limit activity for a ‘mini spa by skin-intelligence’ experience.
3 Remove and discard the mask after 30 minutes. Massage remaining serum into face and neck. 4 No need to rinse.

*Made in Korea

When Neck Mask (4 pcs)
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